Sleeves and silicone tubing

Sleeves and silicone tubing

Marine silicone hoses


Marine silicone hoses

In addition to manufacturing exhaust gas systems, Bersy offer silicone hoses for application on marine-engine wet-exhaust systems (mixed water-gas).

They are manufactured with a silicone layer reinforced with fibers, guaranteeing high resistance to pressure, allowing maximum flexibility during fitting.
The silicone hoses can resist a temperature range between -30°C and +177°C and may re peak at +210ºC for short periods of time.
Bersy marine silicon hoses are SAE J2006-R13 compliant.
The exterior is blue in colour and they have a red internal colored; thickness depends on the diameter of the hose.

Silicone hoses are supplied with or without clamps and they are available in different types as indicated below:

·  Double-hump from Ø 152mm to 508mm (6” to 20 “)
·  Single-hump from Ø 48mm to 508mm (1,88” to 20 “)
·  Straight hoses from Ø 152mm to 256mm (5,98” to 10,08 “)