The system BPF R360 is realized with the use of filters made of silicon carbide (SiC) in which the catalytic activity oxidant is delegated to the deposition of noble material directly on the filter substrate to ensure also the reduction of emissions of unburned hydrocarbons (HC) and carbon monoxide (CO). This combination allows to increase the value of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) that, unlike oxygen (O2) allows for the burning of the particulates at temperatures compatible with those present in the exhaust gas.

BPF R 360

Coated filter

The BPF R360 system is constructed using silicon carbide (SiC) filters which are coated with noble metals to produce catalytic oxidation within the filter, thus reducing unburned hydrocarbon (HC) as well as carbon monoxide (CO). This combination allows the nitrogen dioxide (NO2) level to be raised which, unlike oxygen (O2), allows combustion of the particulate at compatible temperatures with those of the exhaust gases. The BPF filter for marine application is manufactured entirely in AISI 304 Stainless Steel and supplied together with a security by-pass valve and removable insulation.

Installation consists in positioning the BPF system in the existing exhaust line as close to the engine as possible or where suitable space is available. The use of insulation on the engine outlet and filter system inlet piping is recommended to assist with the regeneration temperature. The electronic control unit (IP 67) for monitoring pressure and temperature parameters can be installed where it is easily accessible for the data downloading/setting operations.
The system is supplied complete with all ancillaries and wiring that must be installed according to the diagram in the use and maintenance manual provided.
The silicon carbide particulate filter does not require frequent maintenance. Cleaning is required and consists of cooking the filter and pulsing air through it to remove ash. This cleaning is normally carried out every 1200 operating hours or whenever the electronic control unit indicates cleaning is required.

Engine Suitability
The system can be fitted to all diesel engines, without limitations in terms of engine age.
The operation of the BPF R360 filter is only guaranteed with the use of diesel that meets the EN590 legislation.

Application field
The application of the BPF R360 filter is recommended on on-board generators and prime power engines.

Filter Life
The BPF R360 filter is not subject to particular wear or operating hour limits, therefore its life can be considered theoretically unlimited.

However, impurities contained in the engine oil or the diesel could limit its operation over time.
It is therefore recommended to replace the filtering cartridge approximately every 10,000 hours of operation.

R360 K20 5-20 kW 440 245 95 100 50 390 160 40 23
R360 K40 20-40 kW 480 245 115 120 50 420 200 60 24
R360 K65 40-65 kW 555 320 115 120 50 495 200 60 26
R360 K90 65-90 kW 564 294 130 140 70 494 240 80 32
R360 K120 90-120 kW 599 294 145 160 70 519 270 102 36
R360 K150 120-150 kW 650 345 145 160 70 570 270 102 37
R360 K200 150-200 kW 685 345 165 175 80 597 302 114 47
R360 K250 200-250 kW 735 395 165 175 80 647 302 114 50
R360 K280 250-280 kW 735 370 175 190 80 640 320 129 53
R360 K330 280-330 kW 786 421 175 190 80 691 320 129 57
R360 K400 330-400 kW 760 345 215 200 80 660 400 139 69
R360 K500 400-500 kW 836 421 215 200 80 736 400 139 79
all dimensions in mm
The filter is supplied as standard with: counter flanges - seals – nuts and bolts – support bands.
The above configuration indicates one of the possible variations available.

N.B. The information and dimensions shown are correct at time of press. Due to technological advancements are subject to change without notice.